Economical: Up to 98% efficient. No carbon tax on pellets

Convenient: Automatic Ignition. No matches. No kindling. No frequent re-fueling

Controllable: Fully controllable with built-in seven day timer and thermostat. Some models come with their own easy to use remote control and some can be controlled with a mobile phone app

Clean: No more dragging coal, timber, briquettes and buckets of ash into and out of the house. No more smoke and dirt ruining your walls, ceilings and curtains. For every handy bag of pellets you burn you’ll have about a cupful of ash.

Environment Friendly: Carbon Neutral The environment and your garden will love you. Burns Irish manufactured renewable fuel.

Effecient: With efficiencies of between 90% and 98% wood pellet stoves are top of the class when compared to other solid fuel appliances.

Choice: We offer a wide choice of models for your home, whether it’s old or new, standard, airtight or passive construction.