Collection Goods
Large items such as appliances, lawnmowers, coal bunkers, stoves etc., may be collected from our yard or stockroom Monday to Saturday from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. As our yard and stockrooms are closed on Sundays we are unable to facilitate collections from either on that day. If you are collecting any solid fuel stove, your vehicle must be capable of being loaded by forklift. For health and safety reasons manual loading of stoves is prohibited.

Delivery Charge
All products are supplied on a pay and collect basis. A nominal charge will be applied to all deliveries.

Goods will be delivered into the main entrance of the address agreed. When we are requested to carry or man-handle the goods up or down stairs or steps, manouver them through narrow passageways or into difficult to access places, we accept no liability for any damage to the goods being delivered, or to your property, which may result from acceeding to your request. Items being collected by us under the free take-back scheme must be disconnected and ready for pick-up adjacent to the main entrance. We accept no liability for any damage which may result from complying with your request to remove free take-back items from any place other than inside the main entrance.

Delivery Times
At the time of purchase we’ll agree a delivery date with you. Because of the need to load and plan the delivery route, because of traffic and other unforeseeable delays we will be unable to give you the exact delivery time. However, we will phone you on the day of delivery or the evening before, if possible, and give you the expected delivery time.

Adult Presence
For security reasons we are unable to deliver to premises where there is no adult present.

Nobody Home
For security reasons we are unable to deliver to premises which is unoccupied. An adult key holder will need to be present to check and sign for the goods being delivered.

Appliance removal
When delivering your new appliance the deliver will take away your old appliance on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis free of charge. We are happy to remove old appliances provided:

  • They do not pose a Health and Safety risk and are readily available for collection.
  • Home laundry appliances and Dishwashers are empty, disconnected from mains electricity and water supply and free of excess water
  • Refrigeration items are empty, fully disconnected and completely defrosted.
  • Cookers are empty, disconnected and externally clean.

Old Appliances not ready
If your old appliance is not ready for collection when we deliver your new appliance, you can return it to us directly within 30 days of the date of delivery. Alternatively, you may bring it to any approved Recycling Centre. Our closest recycling centre for electrical appliances is the Wexford County Council Civic Amenity Site at Hewitsland, New Ross which is situated across the road from our premises.

All appliances collected are disposed of in accordance with EU regulations.