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Joyces Graiguenamanagh 1904

From Humble Beginnings to 
Serving Thousands of Custo
mers a week.

First established in 1904 as a bar and grocery in Graiguenamanagh by Thomas Joyce, over the years the business has grown, transformed and evolved in many ways right to its presence in New Ross today. As you’ll see from our website or a visit to our 2600M² store, we now offer neither food nor alcohol but just about everything to do with its preparation, cooking and serving plus a lot more besides. In essence, our business is all about your home.

People Who Know Brands You Can Trust


At Joyces Home Centre our aim is to be honest, open and fair in all our dealings with you, our staff and our suppliers. We want to understand your needs; provide you with quality products; value for your hard earned money and do so with attentive, knowledgeable staff whose aim is to make each visit you make to us satisfactory in every way.

serving the south east Since 1904
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